Tips to diversify your 401k or IRA with precious metals

Did you know that you can add precious metals such as gold and silver to your 401k or IRA retirement accounts? Many Americans are unaware of this, but it is one of the best ways to strengthen your retirement plans in today’s volatile economy. You can learn all the steps to add precious metals to your 401k or IRA in this article.

Think about it, is there any other type of investment that has remained strong in tough economic and political times? Look at the state of real estate, paper currency, stocks and bonds. Everything is just a giant mess right now. Investors have lost a lot of money in the past couple years due to the worldwide economic instability.

If you are an American worker that has a 401k account with your employer, you can inquire with your human resources department and see if you are allowed to add precious metals such as gold and silver to your investment portfolio. If your employer does not allow such investments, you can always open a new self-directed IRA account in which you have full control of your investments.

Many world renowned investors and celebrities have been investing part of their savings in gold since the US economic collapse in 2008. Some banks in China, Brazil and India have invested billions and keep increasing their investments in 2013.

Watch the below video to learn more on why you should consider adding gold to your 401k or IRA this year: